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Virtual Events

With the global pandemic taking place we have moved to a virtual culture, which includes visiting with friends and family over video conferencing calls, via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other service platforms.  We're seeing people celebrate birthdays, work gatherings, and even have Zoom weddings!


The problem with larger virtuals calls is that there can be some disorganized chaos.  'Who should speak next?  Can I speak now? Oh shoot, we're talking over one another.  I'll just stay quiet to avoid the confusion. I have 40 people at my party but now what? I how do I make sure everyone is having fun?'  These are all things people are thinking about real-time in your typical Zoom call, which can result in a less-than-great outcome.   That's where Make Zoom Calls Fun comes in!

Let us take the confusion, even frustrating moments out of your event, and create entertainment, fun, interaction, and laughs!



Step 1

Phone consultation to go over your fully customizable event.  We decide on the theme and forms of entertainment to be included!

Step 2

We go to work creating all of the content and activities for your party.  Once we're done, we will go over every detail and make sure it is to your liking 👍

Step 3

We will create a custom promotional flyer and virtual background for your event that will let your guests know that it's going to be a fun evening!

Step 4

Lights, camera, ACTION! Sit back and relax as we guide the party through a wonderful evening of engaing activities and entertainment! 

What's Included?

  • Consultation call

  • Fully Customized, extensive PowerPoint Deck specific to your event and/or industry

  • Specially designed virtual backgrounds so everyone can feel “together"

  • Custom promotional flyer to get your guests hyped for the event

  • Facilitate guests with engaging games, trivia questions, social prompts that make everyone feel a part of the event 

  • Social prompting to create seamless, interactive conversation among guests

  • Creative use of Video Assets that make the evening feel exciting and memorable

  • Zoom recording of the event for you to keep

Layers Of Fun We Can Add


Stand Up Comedy

We have access to world class comedians that will perform LIVE at your virtual event!



Want to roast the birthday boy, a set of the audience members, or the industry you work in? Then let us put together an interactive roast that will get people rolling.  This is great for crowd engagement!


Live Music

Live music can be a great way to start and end your show.  We have access to musicians that will perform for your party.  A fun thing is to have a section of the show where your guests can request songs!

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Games are an exciting way to get the party fully engaged, and usually sparks shared stories.  From trivia games about current events, Name that Song, or Guess Which Guest, your guest will have a blast! 

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Interactive Sketches

Want to do a fake virtual hiring with your employees or have motivational speakers, Skip + Kip do an energy assessment of the guests?  We'll bring the funny!